Wish for the Holidays 2016

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Thank you for joining A Wish for the Holidays 2016!

This year, more than ever, our communities are uniting in calling for the respect of human dignity, and children and youth are joining the call.

Join Wish for the Holidays to collect letters expressing children’s wishes of love and unity with immigrant and Muslim families. Will you partner with us in organizing letter writing events for children to show that they stand up to bullies and hatefulness and will spread wishes of love, and solidarity?

Write to your local mayor and governor urging them to pledge to stand up for the human rights of immigrant and Muslim communities. You may also want to write solidarity messages to a local place of worship or to support a family facing deportation.

A Wish for the Holidays is a powerful opportunity for children and youth to be heard. But most importantly, to provide the opportunity for elected officials to stand with us, because we aren’t going anywhere. We Belong Together!

We’re so glad that you are joining us for #WishForTheHolidays2016. Our wishes can make a real difference.

Letters and drawings can come from children and youth of all ages and all backgrounds. Make sure to follow our Letter Writing Guidelines and upload your letters by Tuesday, December 20th. You can upload your letters here.

We’ll share letters with mayors, governors and other elected officials (we won’t share your full name or address) to show how children are standing together for immigrant & Muslim families, and ask them to do the same.

If you have any questions, you can contact lis-marie@webelongtogether.org

Thank you for helping to make this powerful wish!