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As the 100 Women 100 Miles Pilgrimage to Pope Francis walked its final miles into Washington DC last September, over 100 women pledged to keep walking
every month to share our vision for migrant dignity with local communities nationwide.

Next month, Pope Francis will visit Juarez, Mexico, right across the border from El Paso, TX, and we’re taking our pilgrimage to the border on February 16th. In a time when refugee families and children are being ripped from their homes, locked up in prisons, and deported to life-threatening violence, we’re joining with our sisters on both sides of the border to lift up a call for compassion and dignity for all migrants and refugees.

We hope you'll join us on February 16 th by participating in a walk for migrant dignity in your own home town!

Whether your walk has 50 people or 5, together our actions can make an impact. Local walks are using press and social media to publicize why they walk, make connections with local issues, and invite more people to get involved. When you sign up to join us, a member of the We Belong Together team will be in touch with you to provide a toolkit and support you in making your walk successful.

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