Trini telling her story

Trini lives in Tuscaloosa, is a mother of two children, and a domestic worker who makes her living cleaning homes.

Trini’s family was displaced by the tornado that recently hit central Alabama, and had pulled together their limited resources to purchase a trailer home. They had been on their way to recovery when HB56 was introduced, and the security and safety they had worked to create for their children was thrown into chaos again.

They soon found that they were unable to renew the registration for their new home, and the fear of displacement settled heavily on their shoulders. Trini found herself giving power of attorney to a friend, to make sure that her children would be cared for in the event that she or her husband are detained. Her children are scared to go to school, fearing that they will be questioned about their parents’ immigration status and that they will be separated from them.

HB56 took away the family’s sleep, calm and happiness. They considered returning to Mexico, but have decided to stay and stand up for their own dignity and that of countless other families. Trini is now an active member of a community group that has joined with others to fight for the repeal of HB56.