Tere has been living in Alabama for 3 years.

She came to the United States to save her son’s life. Her son suffers from a potentially fatal heart condition and in Mexico she was told that nothing could be done. In the United States, he was able to have an operation that saved his life.

His heart condition requires him to have regular check-ups, but since HB56 was passed, he hasn’t had his heart checked. She is scared that he may need another operation and now has no access to health care.

For her, HB56 has meant losing her job and being told that this is not her country. It has also meant that her family cannot go out together anymore to simply enjoy the activities that most families take for granted. Now, Tere and her husband never leave the house together, for fear that if they are detained their children will be left alone. For Tere, this is a different type of family separation: a family completely forced out of public life. But Tere’s family will continue to fight, and to move forward.