Jocelyn is comforted by a delegate as she tells her story

Jocelyn is fourteen and in the eighth grade. Six months ago, after the passage of HB56, her parents and younger siblings made the difficult decision to return to Mexico rather than run the heightened risk of detention or deportation.

As the family was preparing to leave, Jocelyn decided that she needed to stay behind. Her parents struggled to give her a better future by bringing her to the US at the age of six, and she is determined to fulfill their dreams and her own for a better future. Jocelyn now lives with her aunt and uncle, who have become her legal guardians.

She has become an outspoken leader in the movement for immigrant rights and dignity, and is a role model for numerous other immigrant youth. Jocelyn speaks of the pain of being separated from her family, of the day-to-day emotional toll of living without her parents, and of her commitment to fighting these policies so that no other young people have to suffer the way she has.