Elvia telling her story

Elvia recently summoned the courage to access the legal system in order to liberate herself from a thirty year abusive relationship. By separating from her abuser, taking refuge at a shelter, obtaining a restraining order, and rebuilding her sense of self-worth, Elvia discovered a freedom that she had never before known in her adult life.

Since the passage of HB56, Elvia’s newfound freedom has been threatened. She fears that deportation would return her directly to the hands of her abuser, without the legal protections she has fought to obtain. And each day when he leaves for work, Elvia fears that her 20-year-old son will be detained, leaving her with no means to support herself since she lives with a chronic illness.

While speaking of her own situation, Elvia expresses her great concern for other women who are struggling to break free from abusive relationships. Under HB56, women who seek police protection or attempt to access the legal system risk detention and deportation. Elvia fears that countless women’s lives are being endangered by the law.