Trump Administration and Senate Republicans Continue Attacks on Immigrant Children, Youth and Women

September 26, 2017


Natalia Jaramillo, (786) 317-3524

In the past few days, while Trump scapegoated NFL players, his Administration and Senate Republicans expanded the travel ban against Muslims, immigrants & refugees, and created a new distraction to keep Congress from passing a clean Dream Act

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Washington, DC -- We Belong Together, a campaign for humane immigration policies that protect the freedom of women and families to live in safety, is outraged at Trump’s new version of a travel ban for immigrants and refugees from several Muslim-majority countries plus Venezuela and North Korea. The campaign also opposes the “Succeed Act”, a new effort led by Senate Republicans to distract from a clean DREAM Act.

The following is a statement from We Belong Together:

“This week, after President Trump spent the weekend aiming his hatred at NFL players engaged in peaceful protest against police brutality and racial injustice - not long after refusing to criticize White nationalists in Charlottesville - his Administration and Congress announced more bad news for millions of Muslim, immigrant and refugee families. The pattern is very clear. Every time the President uses social media to spread hateful and inflammatory rhetoric, something equally disastrous is brewing behind doors at the White House or in Congress.

No matter how the Administration tries to package it, this “new” travel ban continues to be anti-Muslim, unconstitutional, discriminatory and inhumane. It is especially harmful to women and children who make up more than half of all refugees fleeing countries at war like Syria. In the last eight months, we’ve seen the damage that the travel ban does to our families and to our communities--it keeps families from being together, incites fear and fuels hate.

The new Muslim ban, along with the Succeed Act introduced on Monday by Senate Republicans, represent two more in a long line of attempts by this Administration and Congress to criminalize immigrants and refugees and rip families apart.

The Administration has seen that everyday people and our nation’s courts will not tolerate xenophobic travel bans that harm women and children throughout the world seeking refuge and safety. Instead of scheming up new ways to promote hate and division, it’s time for Congress to stand with immigrants and pass a clean DREAM Act. As women, we uphold the values of family and human dignity in our nation. We expect nothing less from our government leaders.”