Trump’s Budget Hurts Immigrant Women and Families

May 23, 2017


Natalia Jaramillo, (786) 317-3524

Washington, DC – Today the Trump Administration released its proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2018, which sets forth the Administration’s ideas on how federal money should be spent.

The following is a statement from Sameera Hafiz, Advocacy Director for We Belong Together:

“This budget shamelessly lines the pockets of America’s wealthiest through tax cuts while slashing federal spending on programs that provide essential healthcare, nutrition and other services to millions of families and communities.

Low-income women of color, including immigrant women, and their families will be among the most affected by this budget proposal. Not only will they not have access to these much needed programs to stay healthy and safe, but immigration enforcement will have more resources to conduct raids on communities, detain immigrant women and separate more families.

Trump, obsessed with scapegoating immigrants, asks taxpayers to fund a border wall with Mexico and allocate billions to hire more immigration officers and Border Patrol agents, and to detain and deport more immigrants. The budget targets programs that benefit children, including limiting tax credits to low-income working parents, while increasing tax cuts for millionaires.

Trump also uses the budget to change laws he doesn't agree with. Not content with a federal court’s ruling against his efforts to attack local jurisdictions that limit their role in immigration enforcement, Trump’s budget proposes a change in law that would coerce local law enforcement agencies to detain immigrants, raising clear constitutional concerns.

We Belong Together and the tens of thousands of domestic workers and caregivers represented by the National Domestic Workers Alliance call on Congress to reject Trump’s offensive vision for our country. Members of Congress should vociferously oppose Trump’s budget and send a strong signal that an inclusive democracy is worth fighting for.”

We Belong Together is a campaign led by the National Domestic Workers Alliance to mobilize women in support of immigration policies that keep families together and empower women. To learn more about the campaign, visit