Kids and youth to write holiday letters urging Congress to pass a clean DREAM Act

November 13, 2017


Natalia Jaramillo,

We Belong Together launches “Dream for the Holidays” lifting the voices of hundreds of thousands of children whose parents have DACA or TPS

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Washington, D.C. - We Belong Together, a women-led campaign for immigration policies that keep families together, has launched its 6th annual “Dream for the Holidays” campaign inviting children and youth nationwide to write letters urging Congress to pass a clean DREAM Act and to protect 430,000 immigrant families threatened by the elimination of Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

Nearly 1.5 million people could soon be at risk of deportation, as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) expires for 800,000 young immigrants and the Trump administration slowly eliminates TPS that protects from deportation more than 430,000 immigrants from countries severely affected by natural disasters or violent conflicts.

Hundreds of thousands of children are living in growing fear of being separated from their parents or loved ones since one out of every four recipients of DACA has U.S. born children and 273,0000 kids have parents with TPS. This year, the campaign is attempting to lift up the voices of the children who will be most harmed if Congress fails to act before the end of the year.

“My mommy is a dreamer. I am terrified, I don’t want her to be deported! On December 22nd my mommy could be deported. If Congress doesn’t do something now, I won’t have my mommy for Christmas and daddy and I will be very sad,” wrote Jasmine, an 11 year old U.S. citizen from Florida. (Watch video here)

“Trump is attacking our families, and we know that Congress can stop him,” says Jeanette Vizguerra, undocumented mother and leader with We Belong Together. “I asked my own children to share their dreams with Congress, not only to keep our family together, but also to ask Congress for the DREAM Act so their older sister who has DACA can be protected.”

From now until December, children and youth will write their letters and share them on the campaign’s website or on social media with the hashtag #DreamForTheHolidays. Anyone can participate, including children from immigrant families who have had a parent or other family member detained or deported, or who fear this could happen to them, as well as children who are learning about these issues for the first time or are worried about their friends and neighbors.

Schools, houses of worship and community groups will organize letter-writing parties and deliver letters to their Members of Congress at their district offices. A delegation of children and youth from throughout the country will travel to Washington D.C. to deliver the letters directly to Congress during the first week of December.

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