Immigrant Women and Children Decry Trump’s Latest Refugee and Muslim Ban

March 7, 2017


Media Contact: Jennifer Dillon
c: (773) 860-7877

Washington, DC -- We Belong Together, a campaign of women for humane immigration policies that protect the freedom of women and families to live in safety, decries Trump’s newest executive order, in which he re-writes his previously issued refugee and Muslim ban. In an attempt to avoid the legal challenges faced by his travel ban in January, this latest executive order tries to re-do what has already been found in courts to be unconstitutional and discriminatory: target refugees, who are mainly women and children fleeing violence and persecution, and without factual basis, branding individuals from six Muslim countries as national security threats. This executive order comes at the heels of announcements over the weekend that Trump is considering adopting a policy to separate Central American mothers seeking refuge in the United States from their children.

Sameera Hafiz , Advocacy Director for We Belong Together, stated:

“Policies based on misinformation and discrimination cannot be tweaked. Targeting immigrants and refugees from majority Muslim countries continues to be wrong. Trump’s newest refugee and Muslim ban reflects religious intolerance and dangerous curtailing of essential freedoms, particularly for women and children. This intolerance and disregard has far-reaching effects in the US and throughout the world. Hate crimes against Muslims, and those perceived to be Muslim, have been rising at disturbing and record levels.

Trump’s immigration policies are nothing more than racist attempts to undermine the essential freedoms of refugee and immigrant families to protect themselves from harm. Today’s refugee and Muslim ban comes at the heels of weekend reports that Trump plans to adopt a policy to prevent mothers from protecting their children by separating Central American mothers seeking refuge in the US from their children while they seek asylum. These policies are compounded by story after story of immigrants wrenched from their communities and families without warning by Trump’s ICE agents.

Rather than recognizing the human dignity of all members of our communities, Trump again chooses to violate the fundamental freedoms so essential to our families and democracy. Conducting immigration raids, which are inherently violative of due process; separating mothers and children fleeing trauma and violence; and banning people because of their religious affiliation is not what our country aspires to be.”

About We Belong Together

We Belong Together is a campaign anchored by the National Domestic Workers Alliance to mobilize women in support of immigration policies that keep families together and empower women.