Congress Set to Vote on Anti-Immigrant Bills Aimed to Effectuate Trump’s Mass Deportation Agenda

June 28, 2017


Natalia Jaramillo, (786) 317-3524

We Belong Together Condemns Congressional Attacks on Immigrants and Urges House Members to Vote Against Bills that Tear American Communities Apart

Washington, D.C. - Starting today, the House of Representatives is scheduled to debate two anti-immigrant bills, the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act (HR 3003) and Kate’s Law (HR 3004), both of which are scheduled for votes in the House by the end of the week.

Among other things, the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act would punish local jurisdictions that have limited their role in federal immigration enforcement and Kate’s Law expands the scope and penalties associated with “illegal reentry.”

“Both immigration bills before the House this week present dangerous, anti-immigrant proposals that are part of Trump’s strategy to effectuate the massive deportation of immigrants from the US. Over the past months, the American public has sent a strong message to our legislators that families should not be separated, individuals seeking safety and asylum should be met with humanitarian protection and local jurisdictions should not be punished for limiting their role in federal immigration enforcement. These bills are outrageous affronts to our constitutional norms,” says Sameera Hafiz, Advocacy Director for We Belong Together.

“Congress, in considering these cruel and unconstitutional bills, is doing nothing but creating mechanisms to effectuate Trump’s massive deportation agenda. It is clearer now than ever that Trump is trying to normalize discrimination based on religion, the criminalization of immigrants and people of color, and attacks on women. Though we are saddened by the persistent lack of accountability for police who kill Black people, the Supreme Court’s partial restoration of Trump’s Muslim ban, and his continued demonization of immigrants - we know that the voices and stories of our communities will carry forward,” concluded Hafiz.