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Women Together stand in solidarity with immigrant detainees in Canada on hunger strike

On the morning of July 11th more than 50 Black and Brown immigrants detained in two maximum security prisons in Ontario, Canada, launched a hunger strike to protest their unjust detention and abusive treatment. 15 people have died in immigration detention in Canada since 2000, two of them in one week in March of this year. The hunger strikers are risking their lives to demand their freedom and recognition of their humanity.

We Belong Together Urges Presidential Candidates to Engage in Meaningful Discussion about Immigration Policy That Recognizes the Contributions and Needs of Immigrant Women

November 25, 2015


B. Loewe, 773.791.4668

Washington, DC – Yesterday, an important discussion about meaningful and humane immigration policies was introduced into the 2016 presidential campaign. We Belong Together applauds the prioritization of immigration policies that uplift the needs of women into the national discussion.

5 Years after SB 1070 Women are Still on the Front Lines of the Struggle to End Harsh Enforcement Policies

Five years ago today Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed SB 1070 into law. This notorious anti-immigrant law violated so many constitutional principles that many of its provisions were struck down by the United States Supreme Court. Unfortunately, Section 2B of SB 1070 remains in effect today, mandating police to determine an individual’s immigration status during the course of a lawful stop if there is reasonable suspicion that the individual is undocumented. This is not only license to engage in racial profiling, it creates an obligation of local and state police to do so and carries a fine or jail time when police do not profile.

Mothers in Detention Will Not Be Silenced, They Will Be Free

This week 80 mothers detained with their children in Karnes County, Texas, began a Holy Week hunger and work strike to demand their immediate release. In a letter smuggled out of the facility they write:

“[D]uring this [time], no mother will work in the detention center, nor will we send our children to school, not will we use any services here, until we are heard and approved: we want our FREEDOM.”

‘Dreamer Moms’ fast near White House, hoping Obama will grant them legal status

We Belong Together is pleased to hear recent news that President Obama has committed to taking executive action to provide relief to millions of immigrants before the end of the year, and maybe as soon as this week. Millions across the country have marched, testified, fasted, done civil disobedience, and raised our voices to demand common sense immigration policies, and as a result of this the White House is listening.

Why don’t Republicans want to win?

By We Belong Together Co-Chair Pramila Jayapal. Originally published in Politico.

The U.S. House of Representatives snuck out of town last week with little fanfare, and rightly so: America’s lower body had just managed to squander another work period without any movement on immigration reform. The only conclusion to draw from this episode is that Republicans don’t want to win a presidential election ever again.

Why women have most at stake in immigration reform

Immigration is rarely talked about as a women’s issue, but women and children make up three-quarters of all immigrants to the United States and 51 percent of undocumented immigrants are women. Previous reform proposals did not pay attention to the specific ways in which women were disproportionately burdened and would have continued to exclude millions of women.

In contrast, the immigration reform bill now hitting the Senate floor gets a lot right for women — but there are still important fixes to be made to fully include women and families.