Our Priorities

We are all better off when our communities are healthy and strong, we feel safe and our children can thrive. Women especially know the importance of coming together and wouldn’t be where we are without the help and support of the women in our lives—our mothers, sisters, daughters and friends. We honor and celebrate our unique commitment to protecting families and giving equal opportunities and respect to women and girls. We also know that it’s not about what you look like or where you were born that makes you American. It’s how you live your life and what you do that defines you here in America.

Currently, women comprise 51% of people migrating to the United States. We need an immigration process that ensures women are treated humanely and fairly, and can bring all of their many contributions and talents to strengthen our culture, economy and communities in America. Until we create a common sense immigration process, we cannot justify enforcing the mix of outdated and unworkable laws on our books. Immigration reform must:

  • Create a broad and clear roadmap to citizenship for all members of the undocumented community.
  • Keep families together and ensure due process.
  • Reunify families separated by the family visa backlogs
  • Value women workers.
  • Protect survivors of violence and trafficking.
  • Reform the costly, inefficient and inhumane detention system and end the practice of detaining families.
  • Promote immigrant integration that includes and empowers women.