Wish for the Holidays Campaign Launch!

Join A Wish for the Holidays!

Across the country, children go to school worrying that their parents might not be there when they get home. There are 5.5 million children in the U.S. with at least one parent who is at risk of being deported. The problem is huge, and it affects all of our communities.

But fortunately, children know that family separation is wrong, and now thousands of them are going to do something about it!

Between now and the end of November, 20,000 children will participate in A Wish for the Holidays by writing letters expressing one shared wish: end deportations so that all families and communities can stay together. In December, we’ll deliver these letters to the members of Congress who most need to hear from the country’s young people.

We invite the children in your life to be a part of this important project.

Click here to find age-appropriate activities to spark letter-writing, background information to help adults explain these issues to children, and more. Please share with your friends, family and leaders in your community.