Trump’s Budget Hurts Immigrant Women and Families

May 23, 2017


Natalia Jaramillo, (786) 317-3524

Washington, DC – Today the Trump Administration released its proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2018, which sets forth the Administration’s ideas on how federal money should be spent.

The following is a statement from Sameera Hafiz, Advocacy Director for We Belong Together:

“This budget shamelessly lines the pockets of America’s wealthiest through tax cuts while slashing federal spending on programs that provide essential healthcare, nutrition and other services to millions of families and communities.

Another Victory for the "Sanctuary Movement": Denver Mother Granted Temporary Relief from Deportation

May 22, 2017


Natalia Jaramillo, (786) 317-3524

First victories for a sanctuary movement that keeps growing

Denver, CO – On Saturday afternoon, Ingrid Encalada, a 33-year-old undocumented mother of two U.S. citizen children, left the church where she was given refuge since last November after being granted a two-month stay of deportation allowing her to remain in the country.

“I will continue to organize until our full humanity, contributions and place in this country are recognized, all 11 million of us,” says Ingrid, who was eager to be back with her kids, especially her one year old son who needs ongoing medical treatment.

Texas Gov. Abbott's Message for Mother's Day: Fear for Your Families!

May 9, 2017


Natalia Jaramillo, (786) 317-3524

As Mother’s Day approaches, the signing of anti-immigrant bill SB4 is causing fear among Texan families and communities of color who could face economic crisis, increased racial profiling, and mass deportations

Washington, D.C. - In a cowardly move on Sunday evening, while many families were having dinner or putting their kids to bed, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 4 into law, one of the worst anti-immigrant laws in the country since Arizona’s “show me your papers” law in 2010. The law punishes communities that have limited their participation in immigration enforcement by forcing local law enforcement to cooperate with federal immigration authorities as they operationalize Trump’s mass deportation policies.

Trump’s First 100 Days: Immigrant Women on the Frontlines of Resistance

April 27, 2017


Marzena Zukowska - marzena@domesticworkers.org, (872) 216-3684

Natalia Jaramillo - natalia@domesticworkers.org, (786) 317-3524

Washington, DC -- As Trump reaches his first 100 days in office, the We Belong Together campaign released "Trump’s First 100 Days: Immigrant Women and Families on the Frontlines,” a new report that documents the administration’s impact on immigrant women of color in the United States, and their leadership in the resistance movement.

Immigrant Women and Children Decry Trump’s Latest Refugee and Muslim Ban

March 7, 2017


Media Contact: Jennifer Dillon
e: jennifer@domesticworkers.org
c: (773) 860-7877

Washington, DC -- We Belong Together, a campaign of women for humane immigration policies that protect the freedom of women and families to live in safety, decries Trump’s newest executive order, in which he re-writes his previously issued refugee and Muslim ban. In an attempt to avoid the legal challenges faced by his travel ban in January, this latest executive order tries to re-do what has already been found in courts to be unconstitutional and discriminatory: target refugees, who are mainly women and children fleeing violence and persecution, and without factual basis, branding individuals from six Muslim countries as national security threats. This executive order comes at the heels of announcements over the weekend that Trump is considering adopting a policy to separate Central American mothers seeking refuge in the United States from their children.

We Belong Together Denounces Trump’s Mass Deportation Agenda

February 21, 2017


Jennifer Dillon
e: jennifer@domesticworkers.org
C: (773) 860-7877

Marzena Zukowska
e: marzena@domesticworkers.org
c: (872) 216-3684 | @MarzenaZukowska

Washington, DC — We Belong Together, a campaign of women for fair immigration policies, denounces Trump’s moves today to further solidify his mass deportation agenda. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) tasked with carrying out the brunt of Trump’s Executive Orders on interior immigration enforcement and border security( originally announced in January) issued memorandum and FAQs today on how these orders will be implemented.

BREAKING: Jeanette Vizguerra, Undocumented Mother, Chooses Resistance to ICE and Enters Sanctuary in Denver Church

February 15, 2017


Jennifer Piper, jpiper@afsc.org,
Marzena Zukowska, marzena@domesticworkers.org,
Julie Gonzales, julie@themeyerlawoffice.com,

DC to Rally in Solidarity at 4:30pm in Front of ICE Headquarters (Details Below)

Centennial, CO – Moments ago, Jeanette Vizguerra, a mother of four and a longtime leader in the immigrant and labor movements, undertook an act of resistance by entering sanctuary in the First Unitarian Society of Denver, which is committed to recognizing and protecting her freedom. She was scheduled to meet with Immigration and Customs and Enforcement (ICE) for the first time after her stay of removal expired, facing the uncertainty of deportation.

We Belong Together is Outraged at Trump’s Executive Order to Ban Immigrants and Refugees from Muslim Countries

Washington, DC — We Belong Together, a campaign of women for humane and fair immigration policies, is outraged at Trump’s Executive Order, signed today, to ban immigrants and refugees from a list of Muslim countries from entering the United States. The announcement builds on this week’s orders on immigration, which set forth a vision of a police state where immigrants can be subject to enforcement actions at any time and includes plans to build a wall at the United States border with Mexico, restore the discredited Secure Communities program and expand the notorious 287(g) program and strip away federal funding from sanctuary cities.

We Belong Together Decries Trump’s Executive Orders on Immigration

Washington, DC — We Belong Together, a campaign of women for fair immigration policies, decries Trump’s Executive Orders on immigration announced today. In the orders, Trump sets forth plans to further militarize the U.S.-Mexico border by enabling the construction of the border wall. He further orders the restoration of the notorious and discredited Secure Communities program, as well as stripping federal funding from sanctuary cities, policies which were originally initiated by faith communities to protect refugees fleeing war.