I hereby declare, on oath,
to create a House United for fair immigration reform, a House United through my family, my community and my place of work, a House United for justice and equality for all and especially for the women and children who make up 3/4 of all immigrants but whose needs are woefully ignored by our failed system.

I hereby pledge to repair this system, to ensure a roadmap to citizenship for all 11 million aspiring Americans, to ensure that all families can be together, and to ensure that women's unique needs are addressed by the law.

I support the rights of all women to move in search of equal opportunity. I defend the rights of all women to live free from violence. I value all women's work and all roles that women play. I affirm that the promise of freedom will only be fulfilled through the courageous participation of millions.

And so I take this oath to declare my participation, to create a House United and to work for fair immigration reform now for the sake of democracy, liberty and justice for all.

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