Washington, DC and NYC, Women's Refugee Commission

3/24/14 - The WRC had 8 fasters split between our DC and NY offices. Michelle Brane, Jennifer Podkul, Rebecca Katz, Dale Buscher, Feven Teklu, Kim Howell, Danielle Pekalski and Raymond Luo.

Because our fasters were not all in one location and everyone was working, we did not have a collective event. But those in our DC office did spend time together (over what would have been our lunch break) to share how we were feeling and express why we felt it was so important to demonstrate solidarity with immigrant women.

Rebecca Katz: “When women band together, their power is undeniable. I am grateful to have participated in the women’s fast. It has been an important tool in uniting women all across the country, from very diverse backgrounds, in an effort to raise awareness about the urgency of fair immigration reform and hold our legislators accountable.”

Michelle Brane: “I have been fighting for fair and inclusive immigration reform for a long time. And despite the fact that women are increasingly the face of the immigrant population in the US, their unique needs have continuously been sidelined in the larger debate. It was an inspiring experience to participate in the fast with so many empowered and courageous women, and to see how much the movement has grown.”