Virginia, DREAMer’s Moms

3/22/2014 — Fifteen DREAMer’s Moms joined We Belong Together’s National Women’s Fast for Families in Virginia, including women from Republican Rep. Frank Wolf’s district and Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte’s district.

Fasters included Janet Sanchez, a mother of three including a daughter with cerebral palsy whose husband is in detention and Elizabeth Castaneda and her daughter, a DACA recipient. Elizabeth explained her decision to fast, saying “We're fasting to send a clear message to both parties that they need to stop families' suffering. It's the right thing to do. This is not just about me, this is about more than 11 million other people. Republicans are in a political bubble that they don't want burst."

The day included a Know Your Rights Workshop and ended with a Community Mass for Women for Fair Immigration Reform.