Seattle, Casa Latina

4/6/14 — Casa Latina called on family, friends, supporters and allies to fast for 24 hours in support of the Northwest Detention Center hunger strikers in Tacoma, WA who are on hunger strike to demand better conditions in detention, an end to deportations, and their release to return to their families. 57 fasters gathered gathered on Sunday April 6th to start the fast at Casa Latina. We wrote messages stating our reason for joining the fast and screen-printed the message Not1More Deportation on white t-shirts to wear proudly during our fast. In the middle of the day, a large group of leaders from our Mujeres Sin Fronteras program and Casa Latina staff traveled down to the Northwest Detention Center to continue the fast in solidarity with the hunger strikers located in Tacoma, WA. The ally group called CARW (Coalition of Anti-Racist Whites) who joined us in the morning also continued their fast through their weekend retreat.

In the afternoon the majority of fasters gathered again at Casa Latina to watch the film -State of Arizona- and reflect on the conditions of the worst state to live in for immigrants. After the movie, different women shared stories of how their families have been torn apart through deportation. Some women held a sleep over at Casa Latina in order to support each other during the fast. On Monday morning, we had a breakfast that was provided by 21Progress, a non-profit that was formed in order to help young immigrants apply for DACA. Friends joined us in the fast from all over the world including Denver, North Carolina, Kentucky, New Mexico, Mexico and Singapore.

One of the fasters, Ines, said: “I am fasting in solidarity with my son Humberto Guarneros who is going to be deported.” Irene Molina who fasted in solidarity with the Casa Latina/Mujeres Sin Fronteras fast all the way from North Carolina said, “Even though I have not lived through one of these situations myself, I know that I am not completely safe from it, there could be a raid, or something like that…. And I think that Mr. Obama needs to put a stop to the deportations because no family should be separated, I cannot imagine being separated from my daughter."