Reno, NV, Immigration Reform for Nevada

3/28/2014 — More than two dozen women sent a clear message to Rep. Amodei and GOP leaders on March 28th: move on immigration reform or risk losing your seats in Reno, Nevada. The women joined over 1500 women nationwide in We Belong Together’s Women’s Fast for Families Act.Fast by fasting for 24 hours for immigration reform.

The fasters gathered in front of Amodei’s Reno offices to demand action. The women who fasted included Elvira Diaz, a local TV and radio personality who is also the mother of a transgender son whose father is a key support for her son, but is undocumented and at risk of deportation every day and Maura Montelongo, an undocumented mother who hopes to donate one of her kidneys to her critically ill son but fears deportation before he can secure health insurance to cover the procedure.