Pompano Beach, Florida, DREAMers' Moms

3/22/14 - 15 mothers of DREAMers, supported by 5 people who came to give support through messages of courage to the fasters, gathered at the Mission St. Jospeh in Pompano Beach, FL to hold their fast. The women spent a full day together fasting and doing community-building, storytelling and skills-building activities.

The fast launched with a spiritual message from Brother Jorge Ungaro saying God was guiding the women to find the right path and that he wants to hear their voices in this struggle. This was followed by each faster sharing her story, which was a highlight of the day of fasting. The women got to know each other and the struggles that each woman faces in her home, workplace and in society under the current failed immigration system.

This led to a commitment among all those present to unite among mothers, women, workers and activists to continue to elevate their voices for justice and equality and for a better quality of life for themselves, their families and their communities. To convey this commitment they made signs stating why they were fasting.

The day of activities closed with the women speaking at en evening mass at the St. Elizabeth Church and an action in which churchgoers signed forms for drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants in Florida, a cause that is very important for their membership. At the mass the women received a lot of support and messages of courage to continue fighting for fair immigration reform.