Oakland, CA, First Congregational Church of Oakland

4/4/14 — 15 people fasted, most for 48 hours. We broke our fast together at the church service where many of us attend on Sunday with communion. Friday April 4th we began our fast together by having a prayer vigil outside of the Federal Building in Oakland where about 18 of us gathered and we held 11 plates for the 11 million undocumented immigrants. After sharing prayers in English and Hindu, we sang, and then met with Jose Hernandez, Rep. Barbara Lee's staffer on immigration. We gave him a plate that we asked him to deliver to Barbara Lee, and asked him to support a family his office had previously supported in their immigration challenges, have Barbara Lee meet with Republicans about moving the immigration bill forward, and support the stopping of deportations. He also provided us an update of what his office has been doing.

On Sunday we came together at First Congregational Church of Oakland, where Vanessa Riles, the FCCO moderator and participant in the fast, shared about the ways that we are still living out the "Doctrine of Discovery" and "manifest destiny" in US relations around the world today and called us all to work for reform on the immigration policies of this country, and then shared communion together.