Nevada, PLAN Nevada

4/4/14 — More than 51 fasters - including 6 pairs of mothers and daughters - fasted as part of PLAN Nevada's 24-hour women's fast on April 4, 2014. Here are excerpts from testimonials written by some of the women fasters:

"I feel as though this is the most important thing I can do for the lvoe of my grandchildren and other children that will never know the smell, touch and love only a grandmother can provide...We have the numbers to overcome, but we need to organize our communities to make a difference. The time is now. 2014 elections are very important, let's get out the vote." - Melody

"How I'm feeling at the beginning of the fast: inspired, angry, sad and hungry. More hungry for justice and change than for good. Every time I hear my stomach growl I hope I'm reminded of the heartbreaking stories I heard today of families torn apart because of our broken immigration system...But I am inspired byt he womenf asting with me. We are fighting for change, and we are fighting for what is right. This is a moral and human issue. Soon I know people will wake up and fight for justice. We are part of that." - Rachel

"Hi my name is Erika Castro and we have just started the fast to raise awareness for immigration reform. I'm excited and nervous. I work as a cook so that's going to make this hard, but I'm going to keep in mind the reason why I am doing this - to help find a way to keep families together, to give peace of mind to so many children that live in fear of losing their parents." - Erika

"My name is Lourdes Portillo I'm here fasting because one day I want to be able to see my parents and sisters again. I makes me very sad to not be able to see my parents. They are older and sick and I feel powerless to not be able to see them to only be able to think about how I could support them...But I hope one day they (Congress) will put their hands to their hearts and think about us not about so much politics -- we are human..and we are workers...and we want comprehensive immigration reform so we can see our parents again." - Lourdes