National Council of Asian Pacific Americans (NCAPA) - Nationwide, Monthlong

To support and raise awareness about the moral crisis for women from diverse backgrounds, members of the National Council of Asian Pacific Americans (NCAPA), a coalition of 31 organizations, joined allies around the nation in the Women's Fast for Families. 20 NCAPA organizations participated over the course of the month, with a total of 128 community members fasting from all over the country, from Colorado and Hawaii to New York and D.C.

Asian Americans, the majority of whom are immigrants, and Pacific Islanders are deeply impacted by our broken immigration system. More than 1.3 million AAPIs, including over 110,000 Dreamers, live in the shadows without lawful status. And over 1.2 million AAPIs wait in decades-long family visa backlogs to reunite with loved ones in the U.S.

AAPIs have a stake in achieving fair and humane immigration reform that includes a pathway for citizenship, reunification of families, stronger workers’ rights, access to healthcare and services, and due process protections. NCAPA urges Congress to move immigration reform forward now to end the moral crisis facing immigrant families every day.