Minnesota, Asamblea De Derechos Civiles

3/22/14 — Asamblea leaders and organizers gathered in both Minneapolis & St. Cloud, MN for a 24-hour fast, in solidarity with “We Belong Together” Fast for Families, and as part of our partnership with the Gamaliel Network.

Fasters spent the time at two churches, Santo Rosaria (Holy Rosary) in Minneapolis, MN and Centro Hispano in Waite Park, MN (near St. Cloud).

Activities included prayer vigils; a film viewing (with follow-up discussion on the film, “Mandela,” as it pertains to our work); discussions of Asamblea activities (with particular emphasis on activities being planned, including a bus tour and meetings with decision-makers.

The fast was meant to draw attention to our unjust and oppressive immigration system, pressuring congressional decision-makers to pass a just comprehensive immigration reform bill and urging President Obama to halt all deportations (thus, keeping our families together).

It also served as a space for our community to gather to celebrate our faith during this Lenten season, to continue building our organization’ power, and to engage in spiritual reflection on the struggles that have happened and will happen. It was a space to continue building a shared commitment to the work we must continue to do.

Xenia Torres, an active member with Asamblea and a member of the Santo Rosario congregation, says that she fasted because, “While the path is difficult and the struggle is tough, we fast and we do this work, because we are fighting for something better, for our families, our friends, and ourselves.”