Las Vegas, Immigration Reform for Nevada

3/24/14 — 40 fasters in Las Vegas committed to fasting for common sense immigration reform. A protest was organized at Rep. Joe Heck's office, three people were present at the protest - many of the rest of the fasters chose to fast at home for fear of family or friends being deported if they showed up to the protest. Those who attended at the protest sent a clear message to Joe Heck on behalf of the rest of the fasters: "there is no more excuse for ripping families apart: take action to pass comprehensive immigration reform now."

Las Vegas Fasters: Entre Mujeres, Dj-El Ronko, Spa Dorin, Victor Stompz, Abogado Jorge Corral, Roberto Martinez, Gonzy Paz Preciado, Noelia Villasenor, Bianca Canales, Terri Domitrovich, China Ramirez, Andres Sanchez, Jackie Delacruz Najera, Alejandra Villareal, Juana Leia Jordan, Bertha Alicia Sanchez, Enrique Gonzalez, Camely Chavez, Maria Espinosa, Zack Hames, Debbie Sun Runner, Dominic Vazquez, Rubén León López, Marcella Mange Galaz, Sharon Courtney, Maria Reyes, Emily Ann, Dick Collins, Brenda M. Aguilar-Valerio, Carlos H. Silva Sr., Felipe Rodriguez, Nayara Abel, Vanessa Becerra-Bautista, Elvira Diaz, Eva Lazcano, Toño Gonzalez, Marco Amaral, Rob Telles, Rafael Lopez, Greysel Sousa, Clarissa Torres.

Photo Credit: Erik Verduzco/Las Vegas Review-Journal

Video from Las Vegas Review-Journal