Kansas City, Metro Organization for Racial and Economic Equality

3-24-14 — Metro Organization for Racial and Economic Equity, MORE2, joined hands with member organization AIRR- Advocates for Immigrants Rights and Reconciliation, to participate in the national Fast for Families effort in March. Our public action opened with prayer.

Then, we heard the gut-wrenching testimony from 11 year old Howard Jamieson. His family was torn apart when his father was deported to Jamaica when Howard was two years old. His family became homeless after the deportation. Now, back on their feet, they advocate as a family for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Young Howard yearns for having a father in his life. He said, “When I was younger, I used to want to become an architect so I could build a bridge to Jamaica to see my dad. Now I know that’s not realistic.” Howard and his mom, Win, are building a bridge through advocacy.

Leader Gabi Carmona led the group through a chant then implored us to commit to the fast. Everyone signed a big commitment board at her urging.

Finally, the group heard stirring message from Rev. Rick Beherns, and then we ended in song, again under the leadership of Rev. Beherns. Beherns is the sr. Minister at Grandview Park Pres. Church in Kansas City, KS. This congregation has an entirely bilingual service. About eighty percent of congregates are people who are undocumented in status.

Fasters: Angela Ferguson, Rev. Rick Beherns, John Allard, Gabi Carmona, Evelyn “Evie” Craig, Schafer Nelson, Lora McDonald, Winifred Jamison, Rev. Bob Hill, Rev. Poese Vatikani, Rev. Lynda McClelland, Rev. Tamara Miller, Terry Miller, Amber Versola, Ron Carter, Tyler Hirth