Central and Eastern Washington, One America

4/1/14 - Seven women from across Central and Eastern Washingon fasted to demonstrate to Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers that she must act immediately to end the moral crisis of family separation by bringing immigration reform to a vote in the House. A table was set with empty plates, along with a tent to shade the women from the sun. Fasters also raised money for the families of detainees in Washington and supported a hunger strike underway at the detention center, soon to enter its fourth week. Many of the women participating in the fast were part of the November 7, 2014 immigration reform protest inside the offices of the Washington State Republican Party. During that protest 31 women (who EX-GOP chairman Kirby Wilbur called hags and witches) were arrested and now are each facing fines and up to 60 hours of community service. The women will be dedicating many of their service hours to helping immigrant families survive the horror of having their families ripped apart because of deportations.

Stephanie Fuentes, 18, an Eastern Washington University student from Spokane, said: "I'm doing this in support of children who go to school every day not knowing if their parents will be home when they get out of school, or if they will be snatched up by immigration. I have been one of those kids always with a fear of not knowing when I get home from school my mom will greet me with homemade food. Also I do it for friends I went to school with who worked hard, said the pledge of allegiance, and graduated high school with good grades but now can't go to college or get a job because they don't have papers. We want Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers to support and act on immigration reform and for the House of Representatives to respect the will of the people and bring it to an honest vote and not bury it."

Rocio Lopez, 20, from Walla Walla said:

"The hunger pains from fasting is nothing compared to the pain families endure daily by being separated. We need, we demand, comprehensive immigration reform."

Carla Rubio, 17, from Walla Walla said:

"I am fasting because immigrants make up a great part of the population in Walla Walla, and we should be treated fairly, with justice."

Nick Castro, from SEIU, in support of the women fasters, said:

"It's time to address real immigration reform. This is about people, not policy. We need to lift up and empower everyone and this begins with immigration reform."