Alliance for Citizenship - nationwide

On March 19, 2014, an amazing group of 27 women joined the fast. It was perhaps the most diverse group in the fast.

They were young (several were dreamers or recent students) and older (some were from the early women’s movement with 50 years of activism). They were many races (Black, Brown, White and many shades of combination). They were from around the country (California, New York, Washington, DC, Illinois, Kansas and other places). They were with people of various origins (India, Mexico, US, and many internationalists). They were people with various statuses (documented and undocumented). They were all united for a pathway to citizenship, with special concerns for how women are treated, keeping families together, for civil liberties and respect for working people.

Those who could met in Washington, DC for a pot luck dinner to break the fast where we told stories of what brought us into the movement (a parent who was deported, a caregiver for an aged mother who facing deportation, a continuation of the civil rights movement that they participated in, a commitment to the on-going struggle for justice and dignity in the society).

Some were working on immigration reform and it was inspiring to join together with other activists from other movements. Some had not been working on immigration reform and the fast helped raised the awareness of the immigration struggle and led people to commit to join in with it more directly. For all, it was a time for bonding and sisterhood.