Stop Locking Up Immigrant Women and Children. End family detention now!

Honor Mothers' Day this year by joining the fight to release mothers and children in detention!

Send a Postcard

This Mothers Day, people across the country are taking action to recognize the sacrifices made by migrant and refugee mothers who are being unjustly punished for doing whatever it takes to keep their families safe.

Join the call to end family detention by sending a post card - featuring the STORIES of detained mothers - to four influential mothers this Mother's Day inviting them to visit a detention center to see first hand why this practice must be stopped. Add a personal message and we'll send your e-card to First Lady Michelle Obama, Doctor Jill Biden, Assistant to the President Celia Muñoz, and Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett.

In the past two years, thousands of mothers and children have been locked up in immigrant detention facilities after they came seeking safety in the US. Most of these women and children are asylum seekers fleeing terrible violence in their home countries, and instead of finding the protection they need, they're being met with indefinite detention.

President Obama previously terminated large-scale family detention in 2009 amidst a firestorm of human rights abuses. But for the past two years women and children, including babies and toddlers, are once again being locked up in a facility in Berks County, PA that just lost its license, and two privately run facilities in Texas, where private corporations are profiting off their detention to the tune of $343 per person per day.

Detaining mothers and children punishes families fleeing for their lives, needlessly puts them in harm's way and violates their human rights. Will you join with us to stand up for the rights of women and children and demand an end to family detention?

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