No Papers, No Fear Ride for Justice

NDWA Women Join the No Papers, No Fear Ride for Justice

On Sunday, July 29, a historic journey began. In Phoenix, Arizona, undocumented immigrants launched the “No Papers, No Fear Ride for Justice” and embarked on a cross-country ride. Riders are undocumented mothers, fathers, students, workers and leaders. Anti-immigrant policies attempt to push them into the shadows, but the bus riders are demonstrating that the only way for immigrant communities to be free is to come out, come together, and tell their stories.

As they cross the country, the riders will embolden local immigrant communities and hold public officials accountable for anti-immigrant attacks. They will take enormous risks as they publicly declare their status while crossing through states with the most virulent anti-immigrant policies. They call on all of us to stand with them.

We Belong Together is standing with these brave women and men. Will you join us?

Sign the Women’s Statement of Support for the No Papers, No Fear Ride for Justice

On Tuesday, August 14, we dropped in by phone and Internet to talk with some of the courageous women on the ride, including several We Belong Together members. We heard about their reasons for riding, their reflections on the issues facing immigrant women across the country, and their hopes of what this ride can achieve.

Listen to a recording of the call (mp3, 25MB)