We Belong Together: Basis of Unity

What Brings Us Together

We are living and raising families in challenging times. The promise of a more inclusive American democracy and increased economic opportunity seems farther away than in past generations. A climate of fear and bigotry has come to dominate the public discourse around issues of race, immigration, and the economy. Women and children, in particular, are the hardest hit by these deep fault lines, and yet we are expressing resilience, courage and creativity. Women and children in every corner of society are leading voices for solutions that bring us together as a nation – across race, generation, and experience.

We Belong Together is a national initiative, led by women and children of all walks of life. We call for a society that upholds the inclusion of immigrants, and for a healthy, multiracial democracy where all of our families and communities may flourish. We do this by lifting up the stories, voices and leadership of women and children in a way that helps us understand our collective interest and humanity as a nation. Together, we expose the negative impact of anti-immigrant sentiment on all of our families and communities, and together we work toward a vision of a new nation, with possibility and dignity for all.

We believe that:

  • All children and future generations deserve opportunity and a better life.
  • All families have the basic right to be and stay together.
  • We all have the right to live free from violence and bigotry.
  • Solutions must put the well-being of women, children and families at the center of public policy.
  • The leadership of immigrant women and youth is critical in building a just and inclusive democracy.
  • Our families, communities and movements share common challenges, and can work together toward a shared vision of human rights, respect and inclusion.